DrugBank Privacy Policy

Effective June 20, 2016

DrugBank is a unique bioinformatics and cheminformatics resource owned by The Governors of the University of Alberta (the “University”) that combines detailed drug data with comprehensive drug target information. DrugBank is managed by OMx Personal Health Analytics Inc. (“OMx”, “us” or “we”).

Delivery of a unique database that combines detailed information about pharmaceutical drugs with drug target information ("Service") to users (“Users”, “you”) requires us to collect and retain certain identifying information. We take privacy seriously and will take reasonable steps to protect this information. We will not disclose any personal information without the consent of Users.

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) sets out how we use, protect, collect and preserve information submitted by Users. Any capitalized terms not defined in the Policy have the same meaning as defined in the Terms of Use, which are available on the DrugBank website (go.drugbank.com) and should be read in conjunction with the Policy.

By submitting and accessing information through the DrugBank or web based application, be it go.drugbank.com, www.drugbank.com, or any other website directly directing traffic thereto, (collectively, the “Platform”), you are agreeing to the terms of this Policy.

By accessing or using the Platform, you represent that you have the legal authority to accept the Terms of Use and the Policy on behalf of yourself and any party you represent. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use and the Policy, you are not authorized to use the Platform.

If you have any questions about the Terms of Use or the Policy, please send an email with your questions to info@drugbank.com before accessing or entering any information on the Platform.

  1. Identifying Information About Users We Collect and Store

    When you choose to create an account with DrugBank and use the Platform, we will collect and retain all identifying information submitted to us.

    Identifying information includes but is not necessarily limited to:

* Your name;
* Your email address;
* Your Education Institution;
* Your intended use cases for utilizing the DrugBank database.

We will not use this identifying information to contact you for any reason unrelated to your use of the Platform.  Except with your consent or where required by law, we will not provide your identifying information to any third-party.

We will not use your identifying information for commercial reasons unrelated to DrugBank.
  1. Additional Data We Collect

    To learn about your user experience and to make periodic improvements to the Platform and Service, we collect and retain information routinely collected by web browsers and mobile devices. We will automatically record information about your activity on the Platform. This may include your internet protocol address, browser type, the web pages visited before and after you came to the Platform, locale preferences, identification numbers associated with your computer or mobile devices, your mobile carrier, date and time stamps associated with transactions, system configuration information, metadata, and other interactions with DrugBank, our Platform and Service.

    We use “cookies” to collect information and improve the Platform. A cookie is a small data file that we transfer to your computer or mobile device. We may use “persistent cookies” to save your user ID and login password for future logins to the Platform. We may use “session ID cookies” to enable certain features of the Platform, to better understand how you interact with the Platform and to monitor aggregate usage and web traffic routing on the Platform. You can instruct your browser, by changing its options, to stop accepting cookies or to prompt you before accepting a cookie from the Platforms you visit. If you do not accept cookies, however, you may not be able to use all aspects of the Platform.

    OMx may use the data collected from “cookies” and web browsers for its own purposes, both related to and unrelated to improving the Platform and other services. In the event we disclose this data to any third-party for any purposes, it will be used anonymously and stripped of any and all personal or identifying information.

  2. Deleting Your Information

    If you want us to permanently delete your information from our servers at any time, please send an email to info@drugbank.com. We will ensure your information is deleted in a reasonable time after receiving that request. Deleting such information may require us to terminate your account in its entirety.

    So long as your account remains active, we will preserve your information in accordance with the Policy.

    If you have not accessed your account for a total of three years, we will delete your account, without notice, along with any information retained by us.

    When deleting your information, whether by request or due to inactivity, we will use standard electronic means to remove your personal information from our files, including known backups containing personal information.

    We will also retain any and all information that we are required to retain under any applicable laws for the full duration of time required under those laws.

  3. Keeping Your Information Secure

    We will store your information only in electronic format on industry-standard servers that we have selected. Our servers are located in Canada, and thus are subject to applicable Canadian privacy laws. Except where required to do so by law, we will not store your personal information in any physical or paper-based format.

    The servers we select to store information engage security software and generally accepted standards to protect personal information. The software used by these servers is intended to prevent unauthorized access or improper use.

    However, no security system is perfect and there is always a risk of unauthorized parties accessing your personal information. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the complete protection and security of your personal information.

    Further information on the servers employed by DrugBank will be made available upon request to the extent necessary to ensure Users are fulfilling their statutory, legal and professional privacy obligations. The University and OMx make no guarantees or representations as to the technical or legal compliance of its servers.

  4. Security Breaches

    In the event User information is disclosed as the result of any breach of security of the Platform or its servers, regardless of who is at fault, OMx will take steps to advise all known affected Users within one week of learning of the breach.

  5. Using Third-Party Applications

    We cannot control or dictate how any third-party application you use in conjunction with the Platform, now or at any point in the future, will treat your information. We advise you to contact those parties directly to review their privacy policies.

    In order to provide an enhanced experience to Users, certain features of the Platform may now or in the future connect with various third-party applications. By using these third-party application to interact with the Platform, we will not be given access to your login credentials, user name, password, or any information you may provide directly to these applications.

  6. Disclosure of Personal Information in Testimonials and User-Generated Content

    At times we may ask you to submit Testimonials and/or other Content to describe your experience using the Platform. If you choose to submit any Content, including Testimonials, you hereby explicitly consent for us to publicly disclose on the DrugBank Platform certain basic personal information, such as your name, and city of residence. Users must ensure no sensitive information of any kind is included within any Testimonials and/or Content.

  7. Contact Us

    We encourage you to send us questions and inquiries on the Policy and the steps we take to keep your information secure. Please send us an email: info@drugbank.com.

    We will respond to all inquiries on the Policy within 30 days.